Apple sells a million videos on iTunes for iPod Video

Apple sells a million videos on iTunes for iPod Video

If people assumed that watching video on the smallish screen of an iPod Video was not cool enough, Apple might have proved them wrong. The company launched the iPod Video just a couple of weeks ago and they have already sold more than a million videos from their iTunes web based store. Interestingly, they have in their offering just around 2000 videos and still managed to make a large profit selling them.

The Macintosh maker is offering music videos, short films, and episodes of popular television series in the form of videos. Some of the special attractions have been exclusive content from specialized sources like the episodes of ABC’s hit TV shows “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives”. They are also benefiting from Steve Job’s connection to Pixar where they get some innovating content to sell on iTunes.

This video content is available for sale at a price of USD 1.99 around a dollar more expensive than the music content available on iTunes. However, not many studios have shown interest in licensing content to Apple for sale fearing lack of royalty fees in return. Market analysts are disappointed at the fact that the company did not offer a break down figures for the content sold on iTunes, which could helped them analyze on what sort of content people like to see on the move.

They are particularly interested in knowing the download figures of the content exclusively available to Apple especially the episodes of popular television series.

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