RIAA sues more for music piracy

RIAA sues more for music piracy

Looks like the efforts put in by organizations like RIAA and MPAA are showing its affect on the software companies. More and more p2p software developing companies are going legit by offering only legitimate files for sharing. However, newer tools come out and the rampant piracy continues. This has led to RIAA suing more consumers and this time the number of people being targeted with lawsuits is around 757.

Recording Industry Association of America is accusing these web users of illegally copying digitally protected content from the internet. Some of these targeted people are users of the much advanced and highly proficient Internet2 network. The association has named 17 universities, including Boston University, Columbia, Princeton, and UCLA, as among the offenders.

RIAA just recently became a corporate member of Internet2 and said during the ceremony: “we look forward to collaborative work with a broad spectrum of Internet2’s members to develop new technologies that will enable us to produce and distribute digital content over next generation networks in ways that protect and enhance the value of creative works.”

The associations with these latest lawsuits have until now sued around 15000 US based computer users in the last two years.

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