Dell to stop free home delivery offers to customers

Dell to stop free home delivery offers to customers

Dell is one of the most recognized names in the PC manufacturing market. However, this latest news will not make it the most favorite ones amongst the consumers. The company has now decided that it would stop offering the free home delivery offer it sometimes giveaway on their websites on selected products. Now, the consumers who want free shipping on selected PCs and notebooks from Dell Inc. would have to pick them from the Post Office themselves.

This move is expected to save Dell quite some money on the expenses on home deliveries. However, the company has not revealed how much they expected to save from this move. They call this decision kind of experiment to see how things work out in the real world situation. Considering most customers would want to have a home delivery, the post office delivery method could just become redundant.

Dell would be implementing this policy on their entry-level Dimension and Inspiron computers from October 10 and this would be expanded on their other ranges like all Dimension and Inspiron products and the expanded line of high-end XPS machines in the coming months. They charge amounts ranging from USD 50 to USD 100 to deliver the machines to the consumer’s residents.

The company has been on a price-cutting move since the last couple of months. As a result of these competitive pricing the company has suffered lowered than expected profits and their bottom lines have suffered. Now the company aims to makeup for that by cutting costs and reducing the discounts and schemes they offer to the end consumer.

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