Facebook launches 0.facebook.com for mobile users

Facebook launches 0.facebook.com for mobile users

Facebook has launched a new special edition of their social networking portal named 0.facebook.com.

0.facebook.com is designed to be mobile friendly and is optimized for their partners.

Facebook partners in this project are mobile service providers around the world who would provide free access to this edition of Facebook to their customers.

0.facebook.com would provide most of the functionalities of the regular mobile edition though users would have to pay for some content transfer like viewing images.

Users would be warned when they try to do activities that would be charged.

Facebook spoke about this service: “We’ve put all the graphics, the photos, the videos one click away so the site is text only and the pages are super light, super fast to load.”

Facebook said that the service is already being provided by 56 mobile operators in 47 countries.

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