XenForo 1.2.1 released with bug fixes and minor new features

Developers behind the XenForo project have released a maintenance release with some bug fixes and minor feature improvements.


Fix multi-select styling in iOS/OS X
Fix the admin CP search being case sensitive
Fix an issue that prevented cron tasks from being run after failing
Use the “canonical” URL to avatars in an email
Improve RTL email display
Fix a situation where long posts could not be edited
Fix cut/copy handling in the RTE in IE8
Tweak the printable character count in signatures to be more accurate

New enhancements:

Moderators that have the “bypass user privacy” setting will now see when a user is banned. The username will be struck out in most cases.
There is now a rebuild cache tool to update trophies for all users. This will award any unawarded trophies and recalculate the trophy point totals.
There is now a rebuild cache tool to upgrade promotions for all users. Normally, promotions would only be run against active users. This tool will run the promotions against all users. This is mostly only relevant when adding or changing promotions and you want to ensure the changes are applied immediately.
There is now improved logging of fatal PHP errors. They will be logged with the other server error logs in the admin control panel.

This update is available as a free download to customers with active subscriptions.