Valve launches Pipeline project for wannabe game designers and developers

Valve has launched a new project named Pipeline aimed at wannabe game developers and designers.

The company is going to use this experiment to see if they can hire fresh graduates with little work experience in their work culture.

Valve said:

There are two main reasons that Valve is creating Pipeline. The first is that we are frequently asked questions by teenagers about the videogame industry. “What is it like to work on videogames? What should I study? What colleges are best for preparing me? How do I get a job in videogames?” Pipeline will be a place where those questions can be discussed. The second is that Valve is running an experiment. Traditionally Valve has been a very good place for very experienced videogame developers, and not so good at teaching people straight out of school (the reasons for this and the tradeoffs are covered in the Valve employee handbook). Pipeline is an experiment to see if we can take a group of high school students with minimal work experience and train them in the skills and methods necessary to be successful at a company like Valve.

The Valve Pipeline website would also function as a source for teenagers who want to get an outlook on what it is like to be involved in development of a videogame.

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