South African Unites Cultures Through Music In Inspiring First Made Possible By Vodafone

Spoek Mathambo is working with musicians from communities across South Africa to produce one unified piece of music
Vodafone’s technology and the Vodacom network played a crucial role in creating the unique track
Mathambo’s journey is part of Vodafone Firsts, a global programme to inspire people around the world to do something remarkable for the first time with the help of mobile technology

Musician Spoek Mathambo has been inspired by the traditional sounds of South African music since childhood and he is now realising his ambition to capture those sounds in a unique way.

Vodafone has helped Mathambo to achieve his dream of creating his first recording using collected audio samples from different cultural groups across South Africa. Mathambo embarked on a journey around the country, meeting and playing music with three distinctly different communities to produce the unified track.

Mathambo uploaded his musical collaborations on to the Vodafone Cloud. He then used the Vodacom network to connect to the cloud service and to contact his colleagues who were mixing the track back in his studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

The creation of Mathambo’s track is one of three Vodafone Firsts stories unveiled today, with more coming throughout 2014. The Vodafone Firsts programme is about inspiring people to do something remarkable for the first time with the help of mobile technology.*

Speaking about his First, Mathambo said: “It has been a long-term ambition of mine to work with talented and inspiring musicians to unite South African cultures through music. Vodafone technology and the Vodacom network enabled me to upload and share audio samples so we could work quickly and stay connected with my team in the studio and musicians in the communities for true collaboration.”

Vodafone Group Brand Director Barbara Haase said: “Spoek’s First is original and creative and demonstrates how mobile technology can help artists like Spoek work faster and more efficiently.
Thinking differently and doing something great for the first time can feel amazing. Vodafone Firsts is reflective of this, as it is about personal innovation and inspiring people to think in a new way. Technology has changed so much about our lives in a relatively short time frame. This is about using technology to do something really remarkable.”

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Note to Editors

About Vodafone Firsts
Vodafone Firsts is Vodafone’s global brand programme, activated across the world from 2014. A social media-led programme, Vodafone Firsts is about inspiring people to do something remarkable for the first time using mobile technology. Vodafone began by recruiting a series of inspirational people to help them achieve their Firsts. Vodafone will also ask consumers what they would like to do for the first time, helping to make their ambitions a reality.

About Vodafone
Vodafone is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies with approximately 411 million customers in its controlled and jointly controlled markets as of 30 September 2013. Vodafone has equity interests in telecommunications operations in nearly 30 countries and around 50 partner networks worldwide.

About Spoek Mathambo
At the vanguard of a new wave of young African artists, producer/singer/rapper Spoek – defined and refined by his unique take on music – is bringing an original and futuristic sound to a global following. His debut album ‘Mshini Wam’ was released to critical acclaim in 2010 on BBE Records, demonstrating Spoek’s wide range of styles and influences, and coining the genre/style ‘Township Tech’ – a description of the work by Spoek and his contemporaries in furthering the soundscape of South African house music.

2012 saw the release of Spoek’s second album ‘Father Creeper’ on Sub Pop, which broadened his sound palette to include additional live instrumentation and more personal song writing, and featured guest appearances by Zach Hill (Death Grips) and Chllngr; as well as the release of compilation album ‘Future Sound of Mzansi’ – which MTV said ‘has it all’ – and a second nomination for Best African Act, at the 2012 MOBO Awards.

Summer 2013 saw the digital release of a 12 track mix tape ‘Escape From ‘85’, featuring Yadi, Terri Walker, BB James, Seye, Fannie Sosa, DJ Maddjazz and Chris P Cuts. He also premiered his new music video ‘Awufuni’ on Vice music channel Noisey, in association with the Studio Africa Project.

Spoek is currently working on his third album and a documentary about South African electronic music, titled ‘Future Sound of Mzansi’, produced and directed by Spoek. He was nominated for Best African Act at the 2013 MOBO Awards and released his second mixtape of 2013, ‘Wavecrusher’, premiered on Dazed Digital last October.

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