Sony NSZ-GS8 Internet Player with Google TV announced

Sony has announced their new Google TV device NSZ-GS8 Internet Player.

The device connects to a television set or a display with HDMI port. You get access to live television in access to all the features of Google TV platform.

Google Chrome is included in the package so you get a fully functional web browser that you can control using the included remote control with keyboard.

This new device would go on sale next month for around USD 199. The company said:

You might wonder, why should I go with the Sony Google TV player instead of any of the so-called “smart TVs” out there? Don’t fool yourself – your smart TV probably isn’t as smart as you think. Sure, it’s smarter than the TVs of yesteryear, like that’s saying much, and they’ll connect Netflix®, YouTube®, Amazon and others through apps. But, c’mon, that’s like kindergarten smart. Have you ever leaned back on the sofa and tried to really hit the web and go surfing? Save yourself the trouble, as it’s nearly impossible, and far from user friendly as you have to type out the entire – and exact – URL. Not smart!

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