The Old Reader would remain open to public because of a collaboration with an unnamed entity

Developers behind The Old Reader project have announced that they would keep the service open to web users.

They had recently stated that they were just not ready to handle additional load and would make the service private. The idea was to keep access open to users who joined their platform before Google Reader shutdown sent boatloads of new users to their service.

Apparently, the company was approached by an unnamed business entity which is providing the resources to keep the service open for general public.

The Old Reader said:

We’re pleased to announce that The Old Reader will officially remain open to the public! The application now has a bigger team, significantly more resources, and a new corporate entity in the United States. We’re incredibly excited to be a part of this great web application and would like to share some details about its future as well as thank you for remaining loyal users. We’re big fans and users of The Old Reader and look forward to helping it grow and improve for years to come.

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