Public Enemy latest to use Bittorrent Bundle

Hip Hop group Public Enemy is running a promotion through Bittorrent Bundle. They are offering a free single along with exclusive video content and 37 multi-tracks.

Fans are being invited to create remixes using these elements. They can be uploaded using Bittorrent SoShare platform.

Public Enemy would select the best one and release it officially. The select winner would get goodies and recognition.

Bittorrent spoke about this promo:

Download the Public Enemy Bundle, and you’ll instantly receive the group’s new single “Get Up Stand Up”, featuring Brother Ali. Opt to unlock the Bundle with your email, and you’ll get the music video, plus outtakes, from Public Enemy. You’ll also get the exclusive multitrack: 37 acapellas and stems. Make your own Public Enemy mix, and if the group likes what they hear, they’ll release it digitally for you. Call it creative activism. Here’s how it works.

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