Mobile Device Support with TeamViewer now available for Google Android and Apple iOS!

TeamViewer has just announced the launch of a new product platform named Mobile Device Support with TeamViewer.

This product lets you remotely manage your Google Android and Apple iOS devices!

Here are the feature sets for the two platforms:

Google Android:

Remote control¹
Detailed dashboard view
Kill processes remotely
Transfer files to/from device

Apple iOS:

Push iOS configuration profiles
Dashboard view
Transfer files to device

TeamViewer highlighted the features:

- Real-time screenshots
- Remote control several Android devices
- Chat with nudge feature
- See a list of all installed apps
- Push and pull Wi-Fi settings
- Detailed Dashboard view

The company added:

Provide technical remote support to mobile devices from any Windows or Mac computer! Whether it’s a single tablet or a deployed fleet of smartphones, TeamViewer mobile device support lets you connect to Android and iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) mobile devices through the TeamViewer QuickSupport app. Support mobile devices remotely, all from the convenience of your workstation.

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