Microsoft OneNote for Windows RT updated pen and ink improvements

Microsoft has updated their OneNote Metro app for Windows 8 platform. The company has delivered on enhancements demanded by the users of the product.

Users get access to more customizations with pens while drawing and writing. They can also now flip between different pens easily.

The company has also made it easy for them to switch between the Metro app and the OneNote app that comes with Microsoft Office 365 suite. Microsoft highlighted the improvements:

To get started, just sign in with your Office 365 account. The easiest way to sign in is to copy a link to an existing Office 365 notebook and then paste it into one of your open SkyDrive notebooks. When you open the link in the OneNote app, you’ll be prompted to sign in to Office 365. Once you’re signed in, the OneNote app will use your credentials to make it easy to access your other notebooks.




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