Intel close to signing up content deals with major media giants

Intel has been long rumored to be working on their own set top box powered digital video service that could take on cable networks in the US market.

The company is now said to be close to signing up deals with major media giants in the US market including Time Warner, NBC Universal and Viacom.

The product itself could be launched later this year. It is not clear what platform it would be using.

Intel essentially is doing what several other companies have tried to do but largely failed. We already have products like Google TV and Apple TV. But neither of them have been successful in replacing cable feeds for the end user.

The company is known for their microprocessors. They power majority of the computers in the world though have been struggling in the mobile market where ARM is the market leader with their products powering everything from Samsung Chromebook to Apple iPhone.

It is not clear why Intel would want to dabble with a consumer product but that’s exactly what they are doing with this product.




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