India to launch their IRNSS-1 satellite in June this year

India is set to launch their own navigational satellite network in the coming years. It’s named Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System.

The first satellite named IRNSS-1 would be launched in June this year through PSLV-C22.

The aim is to have a navigation system that provides an accurate positioning within 10 meters in India. It would cover a distance of over 1500KM around the country.

ISRO spoke about the program:

It is designed to provide an accurate real time Position, Navigation and Time (PNT) services to users on a variety of platforms with 24×7 service availability under all weather conditions.

The network would offer restricted use to Indian citizens. Military would get access to more accurate positioning.

It is not clear if the system would become popular enough to get adopted by mobile and gps manufacturers in the country.

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