Hewlett Packard to offer Google Apps to their customers

Hewlett Packard is collaborating with Google and has now become an authorized reseller of Google Apps.

The two companies would together offer Google Apps and other enterprise services to customers of HP.

HP spoke about this deal:

It’s about giving our customers what they want. Actually we’ve been looking at our entire portfolio and asking how we can deliver a holistic solution to small and medium businesses.

This is a surprising new development considering HP is one of the largest PC maker in the world and has largely relied on Microsoft products and services on their hardware.

However things are changing with more and more companies moving to alternative platforms and Google is a very strong player outside the Microsoft ecosystem.

Industry analysts also believe that Microsoft investing in Dell could be one of the many reasons that HP is now looking at other technologies to offer to their customers.

Microsoft has Office 365 platform that competes against Google Apps. Incidentally, Hewlett Packard is also selling Android based Tablet PCs in some markets today and there are strong indications that they might relaunch smartphones.

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