Google Nexus 5 likely to feature moderately improved specifications

Latest rumors about the next generation Nexus smartphone are making the rounds. Looks like Google is going to compromise upon the screen quality for a better battery life.

Reports claim that the phone would feature a 4.5 inch 720p display. The focus is on lessening the bezel so that the phone’s overall size is reduced.

It could be powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor which is quite powerful but would not be the fastest at the time of the launch.

The biggest improvement is likely to be in battery life as it could feature a large 2800mAh battery. Camera is also expected to get a major improvement with a 9mp CCD unit powering the device.

I think these are more reasonable rumors compared to the earlier ones which pointed at a super phone.

Personally, I think Google is making Nexus a device targeted at the masses with subsidized pricing in (some) markets. They cannot have a very high end model which makes the cost of manufacturing high.

Google might use the rumored xPhone branding for the top of the line hardware specification. Something what they are trying to do with Chromebook Pixel.




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