Google has just expanded their Business Photos program in seven new markets. These are:

Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland.

Google Maps Business Photos program is a very useful project for businesses like restaurants and retail stores. Businesses can apply to get trained photographers visit their establishment and take panoramic photos which are then made accessible through the Street View platform on Google Maps and Google Earth.

This program is already available to businesses here in India and many other countries. Google said:

If you are a business owner in any of these locations, joining the program is easy. Simply hire a Trusted Photographer or Agency in your area to take pictures of your business. Using Street View technology, the photographer will then create panoramic images from the photo shoot and upload them into Google. These images will be available automatically to anyone who searches for your business on, Google Maps, Google Maps for Mobile and on your Google+ page or Places for Business listing.




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