Google launches offline disk import for Google Cloud Storage in limited preview

Google has announced the launch of a new service for the customers of their Google Cloud Service.

They can now send hard drives with data that needs to be uploaded to the Google platform in case they do not have the bandwidth to do it quickly.

Google said that offline disk import for Google Cloud Storage is now available in limited preview:

To use offline disk import, write your data to HDDs and then ship them to a Google import center using a mail carrier. For security during shipment, the data on the HDDs must be encrypted. Upon receiving the shipment, Google uploads the data into an empty Cloud Storage bucket that you designate. Because the data is loaded directly via Google’s network, this approach may be faster or less expensive than transferring data over the Internet.

The service is not free as Google would charge USD 80 per drive. Also, right now it is only available in the United States.

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