Google launches Google Drive API Push Notifications

Google launches Google Drive API Push Notifications

Google has just announced the launch of Google Drive API Push Notifications. This is a useful functionality for any third party developer who uses Google Drive in their apps.

Google said:

If your app needs to keep up with changes in Drive, whether to sync files, initiate workflows, or just keep users up to date with the latest info, you’re likely familiar with Drive’s changes feed. But periodic polling for changes has always required a delicate balance between resources and timeliness. Now there’s a better way. With push notifications for the Drive API, periodic polling is no longer necessary. Your app can subscribe for changes to a user’s drive and get notified whenever changes occur.

This should further boost the capabilities of web services which uses Google Drive as their storage platform.

Cloud Storage powered web services are increasingly becoming popular today. Dropbox also expanded their offerings in this segment of the market earlier this week. Box is already a major player here.

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