Google highlights expanded support for Hindi on their products and services

Google India did a blog post today about the recent enhancements to their products and services with respect to improved support for Hindi language.

Here are what is now available:

Handwriting support for Hindi on Google Search in mobile browsers. You would have to enable handwriting feature from settings on on your smartphone. You would also need to enable Hindi language for handwriting recognition. This would allow you to start scribbling on the Google homepage and Google would try to recognize what you are writing in Hindi and initiate a search for that.

Google Translate mobile app also recently added support for Hindi handwriting input.

Google also highlighted Google Input Tools Chrome App that can be used to easily write Hindi on any web page inside the browser.

And finally, with Android 4.3, users can now switch the native language on their smartphones and tablets to Hindi language. This feature is accessible from Settings > Languages and Input > Language.

Google added:

The Hindi handwrite features have been a collaboration between teams across Zurich, Mountain View and Bangalore. Our engineers are excited with the potential these methods of inputs have in India. We hope you try it out, give us feedback and spread the word to those who would like to use the internet in Hindi.

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