Google+ Hangouts On Air gets another round of updates

Google developers have rolled out another round of updates on their Hangouts On Air platform.

Google Hangouts On Air has become a very popular video conferencing platform for regular web users and celebrities to communicate with general public.

It has been used by US President Barack Obama and even Indian ministers in the past.

Here are the new enhancements:

1) Hide the film strip at any time. The updated Cameraman app ( lets you broadcast and record only the main video feed whenever you want. Bringing back the film strip is likewise just a click away.

2) Mute new participants, automatically. To reduce interruptions during your broadcast, the new Cameraman app also lets you mute new participants whenever they join.

3) Better screencasts and 1-2 person broadcasts, by default. Regardless whether you use the Cameraman app, we’ll hide the film strip whenever you’re screencasting and/or when there’s only 1-2 participants.

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