Google Chrome Beta for Android gets another major bug fix release (28.0.1500.54)

Google has released another updated build of Chrome Beta for Android devices. No major new features have been added as Google continues to fix bugs while improving the performance of the app.


Bugs fixed:
239383: Crash when typing in text box that triggers autocomplete
246481: scroll getting stuck (possible with FS)
159687: Save Link on authenticated sites doesn’t work
235673: [FS API] Zooming in and out a video that has gone FS through API, shows the background page
239455: Tapping within text sometimes causes a word to become highlighted instead of inserting the text cursor
249541: [RTL] New tab button displaced during QIB search in RTL language
249031: Add history to the menu

Known issues:
248090: Gmail – on-screen keyboard is automatically dismissed when replying to an email
243602: Page jumps up and down when loaded in landscape mode
239685: White flash when creating NTP




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