Flickr launches brand new interactive Web Embeds

It has been possible to embed images and sets on third party sites using code provided by Flickr.

The company today launched a massive update to this functionality. The new update is interactive and contextual. And it respect the copyright of your photos and videos.

All the shared content show the relevant information like the title and the content uploader. Flickr also record all views through embeds so those are accounted for in the stats. Private media content does not have sharing options. In addition, the company added:

Flickr Web Embeds are contextual and interactive! If you’ve embedded a photo from a set, photostream or group, people will be able to browse through the whole collection. Because Flickr is dedicated to high-quality, full-resolution images, we are also offering a magnificent full-screen viewing experience for the photos on your site. We’ll never compress or resize your images.

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