Digg promises a Google Reader replacement

Digg promises a Google Reader replacement

Yet another player promising a solid Google Reader replacement. Developers behind the Digg project have announced that they are coding a product from scratch and they want your feedback.

They have already made a pretty decent effort with Digg though it is very different from the Digg that was once the darling of the internet.

Digg said:

We’ve heard people say that RSS is a thing of the past, and perhaps in its current incarnation it is, but as daily (hourly) users of Google Reader, we’re convinced that it’s a product worth saving. So we’re going to give it our best shot. We’ve been planning to build a reader in the second half of 2013, one that, like Digg, makes the Internet a more approachable and digestible place. After Google’s announcement, we’re moving the project to the top of our priority list. We’re going to build a reader, starting today.

If you have a wish list, feel free to comment on the announcement blog post. Follow updates here.

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