Aviary Photo Editor for Web gets another major update

Aviary has updated their Photo Editor for Web platform which is used by third party services like Imgur.

The company said that it is in beta right now and they are looking for feedback and bug reports from the users.

Services can however start implementing it on their platforms right away.

New features and enhancements:

Gorgeous, streamlined interface: better customization for you, and improved performance for your users
Improved a number of tools, including Enhance, Crop, Draw, and Text
Improved the top and bottom toolbars of the editor: tool name displayed above, image size below the photo
Removed last page (feedback/get this editor) from top toolbar
Greatly improved general performance and responsiveness
Note: We are officially dropping support for IE7. It’s less than 1% of our web usage, and after talking to a sample of our partners it seems like most of you are dropping IE7 as well. If you still require support for IE7, get in touch and we can discuss your options.

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