Airtel Broadband launch VDSL tech powered 40mbps plans in Hyderabad

Airtel launches VDSL tech powered 40mbps plans in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has become one of the most exciting markets to be in if you want high speed internet access.

Companies like Beam Fiber Broadband have forced bigger players to launch plans which are very different from the rest of the country to compete with their FTTH plans which provide excellent speeds with good data limits.

Airtel has just announced the launch of their new VDSL powered broadband plans in the city. They are offering 40mbps on their network. There are two plans available:

Ultrasonic 3999: 200GB FUP with 2000 free voice minutes
Ultrasonic 3299: 100GB FUP with 1000 free voice minutes

Of course, these plans are terribly priced but that is no surprise knowing Airtel.

The company said:

We are delighted to introduce 40 Mbps speed – the fastest wireline broadband service on next generation VDSL technology. The all new Ultrasonic 40Mbps plans on Airtel offers the fastest Broadband speed available for customers and will allow data savvy customers to upgrade from the now prevalent 16Mbps speeds they have enjoyed thus far. This plan will allow customers the convenience to download movies in a few minutes, stream high definition videos, online multiplayer gaming, download rich content, upload photos and videos instantly and lots more.

I could not locate these new plans on Airtel website so I am not sure what the speeds after FUP limits are. Knowing Airtel, they are bound to be either 256kbps or 512kbps.

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