Flipboard has released a major update on Apple iOS platform. Similar update is expected to come soon for Google Android devices.

The company is introducing the capability to create your own magazines in this update. Users can create public and private magazines with content they like inside the app.

This allows them to create a collection of articles based on specific topics that can be shared with people who have similar interests.

You can also create private albums for own personal use. You can also search for public magazines created by others and follow them.

 Flipboard on Apple iOS now let you curate your own magazines

The company has also added Etsy integration in this update. Flipboard said:

Also announced today, Flipboard partnered with Etsy to bring the Etsy blog and product lines to Flipboard readers. Designed specifically for Flipboard and integrated with the Etsy shopping cart, readers can see the beautiful products from this creative community and marketplace, flip them into magazines and even shop (using the “buy” button) right from Flipboard.




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