Google+ Photos for Chrome OS gets performance improvements

Google developers have updated their Google+ Photos app for Chrome OS devices. The app basically allow users to quickly upload their photos from cameras to their Google+ accounts for backup and sharing.


* We’ve optimized the scanning, importing and backup processes. It’s faster and more reliable.
* You can now pause the process at any time — like when you’re on a slow connection, or giving a killer presentation to your boss.
* You can quickly find your most recently imported photos in a special album called “Last import” in the “Albums” tab.

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Nokia Here is now available on select Samsung smartphones and smartwatches

Samsung has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Nokia’s Here division to bring their Here mapping platform to their smartphones and smartwatches.

Nokia Here of course already has a version for Android through the Microsoft’s Nokia X platform.

Samsung gets exclusive access to one of the best mapping engines in the world which fills one of the missing pieces in their offerings if they ever decide to fork out Android in the future.

Nokia Here spoke about the launch:

Beside the ability to use HERE without any Internet connection, there are a few more features we’re particularly proud of: HERE for Samsung’s Galaxy phones can pair with the Samsung Gear S to sync routes with the smartwatch. Additionally, it works with Glympse and with Samsung’s Car Mode. When you pair your Samsung Gear S with a compatible smartphone with the HERE app, you can plan walking or transit routes on your smartphone and then beam them to the smartwatch over Bluetooth to continue the navigation there. So you get the best of both screens!

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Tesla Model S is now on Google Street View!

Google has added street view imagery of a Tesla showroom in addition to the fabulous Model S on their mapping platform.

You can check out the interiors of the car along with one of the many showrooms Tesla has around the world.

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Project Wing: Google is working on drones for deliveries as well!

We have already seen Amazon and some other companies demonstrating product deliveries through drones.

Google today announced their own similar initiative named Google Project Wing. Google Project Wing is from their Google X division.

The company posted a video showcasing an early prototype doing a test delivery in Australia.

Google said:

Project Wing is a Google[x] project that is developing a delivery system that uses self-flying vehicles. As part of our research, we built a vehicle and traveled to Queensland, Australia for some test flights. There, we successfully delivered a first aid kit, candy bars, dog treats, and water to a couple of Australian farmers. We’re only just beginning to develop the technology to make a safe delivery system possible, but we think that there’s tremendous potential to transport goods more quickly, safely and efficiently.

They have also invited interested businesses to contact them if they want to partner Google in this initiative.

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500px Groups launched in Beta

500px has just announced the launch of their own community platform named Groups.

500px Groups is currently in beta and is aimed at providing an internal platform for likeminded photographers to communicate with each other.

The company said:

Ask questions, discuss photos, initiate meaningful conversations, share your experiences, and learn from other members of the community.
Rate the most interesting discussions by up— or down—voting them. The most popular show on top of the list and get seen by more users.
To participate in discussions and see them in your home feed you need to first join a group. Join as many as you want or create your own.

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User profiles comes to Google Chrome Beta with Guest mode support!

You could already open an incognito window in Chrome to let your friends access their own mail or other services.

Google has now improved support for multi-user profiles along with a guest account in the latest update to Chrome.

Google said:

With the new “Guest mode,” you can let others use Chrome without letting them see your stuff. And after they’ve closed out their tabs, their browsing information is deleted from your computer as well. To enable Guest mode, click on You (or your name if you’ve signed in) > Switch person > Browse as Guest.

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Google dumps authorship highlights in search result pages

Google today announced that they have decided to stop displaying authorship information in search result pages completely.

The tag itself remains supported just like any other markup though Google would no longer use it to highlight content in their results.

Googler John Mueller said:

I’ve been involved since we first started testing authorship markup and displaying it in search results. We’ve gotten lots of useful feedback from all kinds of webmasters and users, and we’ve tweaked, updated, and honed recognition and displaying of authorship information. Unfortunately, we’ve also observed that this information isn’t as useful to our users as we’d hoped, and can even distract from those results. With this in mind, we’ve made the difficult decision to stop showing authorship in search results.

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