Chrome Launcher 2.0 for Google Chrome OS rolling out in beta channel soon

Google Chrome OS beta channel would soon get the second generation of Chrome Launcher.

The newer edition is simpler in design and is focused around search. It also comes with most of the functionalities of Google Now from Android and iOS devices.

You get your Now powered notifications and messages along with a search field to look for your apps.

As you know, I’m running Chrome OS on Dev Channel every day and this might…

Google Data Saver Chrome App is now available for download in beta!

Google has finally launched the much awaited Data Saver browser extension for Chrome web browser.

Google Data Saver process web content on Google servers and compress it for more efficient delivery on user’s machine. Basically this is Google’s version of Opera Turbo for desktop browsers. Google Chrome already comes with this feature inbuilt on Android and iOS devices.

The extension ignores secure content in addition to any browsing in incognito mode for privacy reasons.

If you browse a lot of web content on insecure HTTP connections, this could save you a couple of gigabytes of bandwidth every month!

The service is currently in beta.

Google Data Saver Chrome App is now available for download in beta!

Data Saver (Beta) – Chrome Web Store

Amazon Cloud Drive is probably the most cost effective cloud storage service today!

Amazon has finally launched their own challenger in the consumer cloud storage market.

Amazon Cloud Drive takes on established players like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

The company has launched two incredibly well priced plans that are aimed at two different kinds of audience.

The cheaper plan costs USD 12 per year and offer unlimited storage for photos. There is a fixed 5GB storage space available for other files including videos.

The second plan costs USD 60 per year and comes with unlimited storage for any kind of media. This comes to around USD 5 per month. This is still cheaper than the unlimited tiers Google and Microsoft offer to businesses.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Google Keep now has labels for tagging notes and recurring reminders!

Update: Google has also added a feature to export notes to Google Docs!

Whether you’re jotting down a shopping list or putting ideas together for your…

Google is rolling out two new features on their Keep platform which should make power users happy.

Users can now finally add tags to their notes in Keep. Plus they can now set recurring reminders for those monthly bills and other tasks.

Google Keep now has labels for tagging notes and recurring reminders!

Google Keep – notes and lists – Android Apps on Google Play

LibreOffice Online: LibreOffice to become the cornerstone of the world’s first universal productivity solution

LibreOffice, the best free office suite ever, is set to become the cornerstone of the world’s first global personal productivity solution – LibreOffice Online – following an announcement by IceWarp and Collabora of a joint development effort. LibreOffice is available as a native application for every desktop OS, and is currently under development for Android. In addition, it is available on virtual platforms for Chrome OS, Firefox OS and iOS.

“LibreOffice was born with the objective of leveraging the OpenOffice historic heritage to build a solid ecosystem capable of attracting those investments which are key for the further development of free software,” says Eliane Domingos de Sousa, Director of The Document Foundation. “Thanks to the increasing number of companies which are investing on the development of LibreOffice, we are on track to make it available on every platform, including the cloud. We are grateful to IceWarp for providing the resources for a further development of LibreOffice Online.”

Development of LibreOffice Online started back in 2011, with the availability of a proof of concept of the client front end, based on HTML5 technology. That proof of concept will be developed into a state of the art cloud application, which will become the free alternative to proprietary solutions such as Google Docs and Office 365, and the first to natively support the Open Document Format (ODF) standard.

“It is wonderful to marry IceWarp’s vision and investment with our passion and skills for LibreOffice development. It is always satisfying to work on something that, as a company, we have a need for ourselves,” says Michael Meeks, Vice President of Collabora Productivity, who developed the proof of concept back in 2011 and will oversee the development of LibreOffice Online.

The availability of LibreOffice Online will be communicated at a later stage.

reddit now allows embedding of public comments

reddit has finally decided to adopt some of the social features from rival platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The company has started offering embed codes for publicly shared comments for embedding into third party services.

This is a great new feature as reddit gets a lot of groundbreaking discussion which can now be embedded by news sources and other media outlets.

reddit gains visibility on third party sources as embedded content offers more value to the user compared to a static link placed at the bottom of articles on these external sites.

The company said:

Embeddable comments make it easy to showcase reddit comments on your website or blog without having to take screenshots or copy & paste long blocks of text. Embedded comments will respect the comment author’s edits and deletions, and they’ll always feature a link back to the original comment thread and subreddit.

blog.reddit — what’s new on reddit: Announcing embeddable comment threads

Latest Synopsys Virtualizer Release Accelerates VDK Performance by Up to 5X for Early Software Development

New VirtualizerMultiSimand SimSightFeatures Boost Simulation Speed of VDKs for Complex SoCs

Synopsys Virtualizer tool suite enables the development and deployment of VDKs for early software development

· VirtualizerMultiSim provides up to 5X faster VDK simulation speed by taking advantage of multiple cores on the host machine to enable parallel execution of VDKs

· VirtualizerSimSightenables quick visualidentification of simulation performance bottlenecks,resulting in up to 5X performance gains

· VirtualizerFastBuild reduces VDK build and link time and accelerates deployment of incremental VDKs to software developers

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNPS) today announced availability of the latest release of its Virtualizer™ tool for creating Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs), software development kits that use virtual prototypesas the embedded target toenable the fastest time to qualitysoftware.The latest Virtualizer release implements new features including MultiSim, SimSight and FastBuildto increase VDK simulation performance by up to 5X and accelerate VDK availability for earlier software development.

“One of the benefits of virtual prototyping is the ability to scale the prototypeto an entire system,” said Andreas v. Schwerin, principal engineer at Siemens. “By using the Virtualizer MultiSim feature of the VDKs, we were able to simulate our system up to fivetimes faster than with a regular virtual prototype simulation.”

The latest features in the Virtualizer tool enable virtual prototyping teamsto create VDKs more quickly and with higher performance compared to using build-your-own SystemC-based modeling efforts:

MultiSim optimizes the use of multi-core hosts for parallel execution of VDKs, accelerating simulation performance by up to 5X for SoCs consisting of independent subsystems or electronic systems using multiple SoCs

SimSight delivers enhanced system widesimulation profiling,whichshows the number of SystemC process activations, signal events and TLM-2.0 transactions, to address simulation speed bottlenecks and identify where to optimize the code for up to 5X increased performance

FastBuild improves virtual prototype development timeby usingdynamic libraries to assemble a VDK,speed turnaround time of complex full-scale virtual prototypes, createderivative versions and quickly deployupdates to software teams

“With the rise in SoC complexity, developers are relying on Synopsys Virtualizer toolsto help speed theirsoftware development effort and achieve quality software faster,” said John Koeter, vice president of marketing for IP and prototyping at Synopsys. “This latest release of Virtualizer incorporates differentiated virtual prototyping features that help developers start their software development even earlier and increases the simulation performance of VDKs for more efficient software bring up, debug and test.”

Availability & Resources
The new Virtualizer 14.12 release, which includes MultiSim, SimSight and FastBuild features,is available now.

Learn more about Virtualizer and VDKs: