Google starts rolling out Year In Photos video for users of Google+

A lot of Google+ users are now getting their customized Year In Photos video from Google.

You can access yours here: If the video is not yet generated for your account, Google probably has not made one for you yet.

This is one of the cool features of Google+ if you regularly upload your personal photos and videos to their platform.

Google uses the content uploaded through the year and creates a montage for you to enjoy and relive the year gone by.

IFTTT now has a novelty channel dedicated to holidays: Is It Christmas?

IFTTT today announced a brand new channel that would only be useful for a few more days this year.

The channel is named ‘Is It Christmas?’ and it responds in Yes/No based on the current date.

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You can of course use this channel to post automated tweets or control lightings at your house.

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The company highlighted some possible recipes:

IFTTT Recipe: Announce Christmas to a few family and friends  connects is-it-christmas to gmail
IFTTT Recipe: Privately share the arrival of Christmas with my GroupMe friends  connects is-it-christmas to groupme
IFTTT Recipe: Call me with a loud robot voice and tell me when it's Christmas connects is-it-christmas to phone-call
IFTTT Recipe: Merry Christmas, iPhone connects is-it-christmas to ios-notifications
IFTTT Recipe: Notify my Android phone immediately upon Christmas  connects is-it-christmas to android-notifications
IFTTT Recipe: It's time to tweet about Christmas  connects is-it-christmas to twitter

BruteProtect starts dismantling as it gets integrated in Automattic Jetpack suite for WordPress

The developers behind the BruteProtect platform today informed the users of their plugin that they are ending support for My BruteProtect service.

The company is no longer accepting new sites on their platform. This feature of their platform would stop working on February 1 next year.

Features offered through My BruteProtect are now available through the latest update of the Jetpack plugin suite for WordPress blogs.

BruteProtect would however keep their botnet protection till the end of next year as it is not yet part of Jetpack.

The company said:

All other BruteProtect functions remain accessible; this only applies to the My BruteProtect features. Next up, we’ll be integrating BruteProtect’s “Botnet protection” into Jetpack. We do not have an ETA for that yet, so, in the meantime, Botnet protection will continue until at least December 31, 2015. As soon as we have more specifics, we’ll let you know.

BitTorrent Bleep gets support for asynchronous offline messaging

BitTorrent Inc. today updated their Bleep app with a major new feature. Asynchronous offline messaging support.

This means that a user no longer needs to be online for his offline messages to get delivered to the other party.

The company however warned that this feature is not perfect as it relies upon DHT where the messages can eventually disappear.

The developers said:

As we explore offline messaging with Bleep, it’s important to note that in this version, we cannot guarantee that an offline message will be delivered, as it will likely not last in the DHT more than a few days. The ephemeral nature of the DHT means that these messages are also truly ephemeral, and will. It’s up to the receiver to retrieve messages before they disappear. However, When the sender is back to being online, we will refresh offline messages in DHT if they are not yet delivered. While the chance of a message completely disappearing and becoming undeliverable is very slim, we’re working hard to improve this feature in a future version.

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Google Search now has a OneBox for song lyrics!

Google has not officially announced this yet but they have apparently rolled out an update that show song lyrics on relevant searches.

This is bad news for websites focused on providing a searchable database of song lyrics. Microsoft Bing already has a similar functionality.

I could not get this feature working on my computer so it might be rolling out gradually or is available in select markets only.

Since the feature links to Google Play, Google might be restricting it to countries where Google Play Music is available.

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Google Android One is not dead (yet). Coming to Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka!

Google today announced that they would introduce Google Android One range of devices in three new markets in the coming weeks. These are: Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

India already has a couple of models on sale under this program. Spice, Micromax and Karbonn would launch their own models. In addition, Bangladesh’s own Symphony would launch their own model named Symphony Roar A50.

Google said:

All these devices will give people a high quality mobile experience for an affordable price, running stock-Android with updates from Google.
With more hardware and carriers launching Android One phones in more countries, we’re excited to see the diverse array of devices our partners will offer in 2015 and beyond.

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Interestingly enough, Google was expected to launch the second generation Android One devices by December this year. Sadly, we have not seen any new developments apart from a new variant from Spice. In fact, Google has still not released the Lollipop update for any of these phones.