Facebook is now available securely through Tor

Facebook has made an unexpected move by making available their platform through Tor. The company has released a dedicated connection point for users of Tor enabled browsers and it is all secured through the protection of SSL.

Facebook can be accessed on TOR at this address: https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/

Facebook said:

We decided to use SSL atop this service due in part to architectural considerations – for example, we use the Tor daemon as a reverse proxy into a load balancer and Facebook traffic requires the protection of SSL over that link. As a result, we have provided an SSL certificate which cites our onion address; this mechanism removes the Tor Browser’s “SSL Certificate Warning” for that onion address and increases confidence that this service really is run by Facebook. Issuing an SSL certificate for a Tor implementation is – in the Tor world – a novel solution to attribute ownership of an onion address; other solutions for attribution are ripe for consideration, but we believe that this one provides an appropriate starting point for such discussion.

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Samsung Electronics’ Ultra Slim Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3

Optimized for Social Networking

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3, offering a refined, trendy design and the most advanced functions to support social networking. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, both devices empower younger consumers to quickly and easily capture meaningful moments, connect to social media and share their daily lives.

“The Galaxy A5 and A3 offer a beautifully crafted full metal unibody, slim design, superior hardware and the best possible social media experience,” said JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communication at Samsung Electronics. “These devices make our advanced Galaxy experience even more accessible to young and trend conscious consumers.”

The Ultra Slim, Full Metal Design

The Galaxy A5 and A3 are Samsung’s slimmest smartphones to date, featuring refined full metal unibody designs that are 6.7mm and 6.9mm thin, respectively. Both devices will come in a variety of colors, including Pearl White,Midnight Black, Platinum Silver, Soft Pink, Light Blue and Champagne Gold, to accommodate the personal style and preference of diverse users.

5 MP Front Camera for Unmatched Selfies

The Galaxy A5 and A3 offer a superior mobile and social experience to young consumers who want to express their unique style while constantly staying connected. Sporting an advanced 5MP front-facing camera, taking vivid selfies is now easier than ever before. Innovative photo-taking features, such as Wide Selfie, Palm Selfie, Animated GIF, Beauty Face Features, and Rear-cam Selfie, let users capture attractive selfies in high resolution by automatically detecting and focusing on a person’s face. Users are also able to quickly and easily share photos or videos on their favorite social media channels with the device’s fast network speed of LTE Category 4 standard.

Vivid Display and Powerful Processor

The Galaxy A5 and A3 are ideal for young consumers seeking practicality and functionality. Both devices are equipped with an extraordinary Super AMOLED display and Adaptive Display technology to deliver clearer images with deep contrast and better viewing angles for more vivid, colorful content in virtually any environment, even under bright sunlight. The Galaxy A5 and A3 are also outfitted with a Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor for seamless multi-tasking and faster browsing experience. In addition, the Galaxy A5 and A3 include popular features exclusive to Galaxy devices, such as Ultra-Power Saving Mode, Private Mode and Multiscreen, as well as adjustable audio which intelligently adapts and enhances sound output based on the user’s surrounding environment.

The Galaxy A5 and A3 will be available in select markets starting in November 2014.

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Google AdWords now allow managing multiple accounts at the same time

Google has rolled out an extremely useful update for the users of their AdWords platform. The company is allowing users to stay connected to multiple accounts during the same browser session. This would come extremely handy for folks who manage multiple accounts for different clients. Google said:

To start using multiple account sign in for your AdWords accounts, simply click on your Customer ID or login email within AdWords to open the account selector. You can then choose to add more accounts using the [Add Account] button. We hope this update saves you time, and makes your account management workflow more seamless.

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Peel Smart Remote app hits first 100 million users in just 30 months

Among fastest growing Silicon Valley companies, gaining rapid traction with India users

Peel announced today that its smart universal remote app has reached 100 million total global users in just under 30 months, a pace that only a handful of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing companies have managed to achieve.

In comparison, Facebook took more than 4 ½ years to acquire its first 100 million users and Twitter and Tumblr more than 5 years. More recently, highly social apps such as Line and Instagram have reached the milestone in 19 months and 26 months respectively. Peel’s accomplishment is just behind chat app Tango’s 29 months and just ahead of Skype’s 32 months.

“Our plan at the beginning of this year was to triple our overall user base to 125 million and we are ahead of pace to accomplish that goal,” said Thiru Arunachalam, CEO and co-founder of Peel. “Demand in the US as well as in India and Asia has really surprised us. We are now the clear global leader in smart home control.”

Arunachalam, a graduate of National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli (NITT) who previously worked at Apple, added that Peel is now preloaded on a variety of popular Android smartphones and tablets sold in India. These include the Galaxy S4 and S5 from Samsung and Xolo’s Q2100, which was launched earlier this month, is available for Rs.13, 499 only and includes a fingerprint sensor. The Peel Smart Remote app, which already has more than 1 million activated users in India, will also soon be available on phones from Spice and Celkon.

“We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Peel on reaching the coveted milestone of 100 million users,” said Prashant Bindal, CEO, Spice Mobility. “We are proud to be associated with such an innovative technology partner as Peel.”

“CELKON is delighted to partner with PEEL to provide smart remote technology on a smart phone under US$35 that is within reach of the masses,” added Rajesh Gupta, Vice President Service at Celkon Mobile.

Peel works with 3,500 brands of TVs, including popular LG and Samsung models, and 600 set-top boxes, including those from Airtel, Tata Sky, Dish TV, Hathway, DEN and Siti Cable, along with air conditioners and other appliances. For Indian consumers, Peel features TV listings from WhatsOnIndia.

Earlier this month Peel announced that its rapid growth in the smart home control space had attracted $50 million in strategic investment from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

To date, Peel users have generated more than 50 billion smart remote commands, and paired 60 million televisions, 20 million set-top boxes and 2 million air conditioners with the app. Peel counts as a user anyone who has initiated registration in its app.

“Controlling your TV experience – and eventually your entire home – from your smartphone will soon be as common in India as using your phone as a camera,” predicted Arunachalam.

This past summer, Peel launched its Peel.in Platform, which allows TV networks to share a unique tune-in URL on Twitter and Facebook. It has been used by US networks from HBO and Showtime to Sundance and the Emmys to promote TV shows. Users who click on these links can either tune-in directly if they have the Peel app on their device, or set a calendar reminder if they don’t. Peel has plans to expand the Peel.in platform to India networks in the near future.

Skype 5.7 for iPhone gets performance improvements

Microsoft has updated Skype for the Apple iPhone with some performance and UI improvements. Changelog:

Save and delete photo
If you want to save a memorable photo to your camera roll or delete a sent photo from a chat, simply press and hold the image and the options will appear.
Faster chat load time
Now when you receive a notification and tap it to open the app, the message will be there waiting for you without any delays.
Avatars for all chat
You can now see all avatars for groups and people, and if they’re changed on other platforms, they’ll update in the app too so you always have the latest showing.
People list UI improvements
In 5.7, we’ve made it easier to find the people list search and filter options, so you can quickly and easily find the person you want to chat with and get started.

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Google Calendar gets some usability improvements

While we wait for Google Calendar to get material design, Google has rolled out a minor feature update to improve the usability of the app.


Get event updates without refreshing
Google Calendar now displays changes to your calendar—such as new invitations or event updates—as soon as they happen. Now you don’t need to refresh to make sure you see the latest changes.

See selected calendars without scrolling
For those of you who have more than a few calendars listed in “Other calendars”, you can now see at a glance which are currently displayed. The calendars you’ve selected to show will move to the top—so you don’t have to scroll through the whole list. Learn more: http://goo.gl/xJXtq9

Browser back button support
Tired of the ‘Back’ button in your browser not working? The Back button is now supported and will bring you to your previous view or date in Google Calendar.

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Company Fixes What’s Broken in Mobile Document Creation and Editing

CloudOn, a leader in mobile productivity, today unveiled a completely new experience for creating and editing mobile documents with a gesture-first doc editor that removes all the clutter, overload and lag of yesterday’s tools. Now people can intuitively create and collaborate on thoughts, ideas and information in ways that fits with the way they work.

New Product Advancements

CloudOn’s new iPad app offers people a mobile experience unlike anything else on the market. It’s designed for mobile experience makes it fast and easy to express what you want to say or share – in words, pictures, and more. Key features include:

  • Gesture-first design: Made for ease and speed. Just tap, type, pinch and swipe to create, edit, style and more.

  • Compatible: Works with Microsoft Word, so you can read, edit and share without worrying about formatting or compatibility.

  • Open: Works with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, so you can access all your existing files without moving anything.

  • Offline ready: Work on docs from anywhere, even on a plane.

Why The Mobile Document Is Broken

Mobility has changed the way we work, yet document editors have not changed for mobile use. A recent mass consumer survey revealed there is a massive gap in mobile productivity solutions. 85 percent of people feel limited when working on documents from their mobile devices. And 80 percent want an easier way.

People feel limited in the following ways:

  • 83 percent feel existing software/apps don’t work well enough
  • 86 percent feel existing solutions are hard to navigate
  • 65 percent cite incompatibility issues with Microsoft Word files

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Executive Quotes

“CloudOn was the first company to bring Microsoft Office to mobile devices, delivering mobile productivity to millions of people,” said Milind Gadekar, CEO and co-founder of CloudOn. “We are excited to transform this space once again with the launch of our new doc editor. Users will benefit from the intuitive, designed-for-mobile experience, without loosing the functionality of Word documents.”

“The iPad is still a consumption device for most people,” said Jay Zaveri, co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “There’s been little innovation around mobile content creation – it’s still stuck in the ‘point and click’ era. Document creation can be fundamentally changed by ‘gesture-first’ design – tap, hold, grab and move things naturally. This launch is a step in that direction.”

How CloudOn Works

CloudOn gives people a simple way to create, edit and collaborate on documents from their iPad for free. Users can access all of their documents from the storage provider of their choice. CloudOn offers a free version with basic features and functionalities, as well as a Pro version for advanced features, support and security for $3.99 per month.

CloudOn Pro offers additional security with the ability to lock docs, faster support response time (within one day), ability to print, Access to 10 times more docs while offline, ability to export to PDF and the ability to copy an existing document.

People can try CloudOn Pro for free for six months by simply downloading the app through November 13, 2014 and sharing it on Facebook or Twitter.

The company will continue to offer it’s current service that gives more than 7 million customers around the globe an easy way to access their Microsoft Docs from mobile devices.
CloudOn can be downloaded for free in the App http://bit.ly/1wmCmzQ

Learn more at http://bit.ly/1wmBZoN or join the conversation at facebook.com/cloudoninc or twitter.com/cloudoninc.

Powered by LibreOffice

CloudOn’s new iPad app is powered by LibreOffice, the best free office suite ever. CloudOn has leveraged LibreOffice advanced features for this new gesture-first mobile editor, and has contributed back the extensive DOCX interoperability improvements, which have been integrated in LibreOffice 4.2 and LibreOffice 4.3.

CloudOn’s new iPad app also supports the LibreOffice native Open Document Format (ODF), the only true open document standard. Because of this unique feature, it has better interoperability performances than any other mobile document editor.

About CloudOn

CloudOn is a leading mobile productivity company that is reimagining the document for the modern world, so people can create and collaborate on thoughts, ideas, and information in powerful ways that never existed before. With over 8 million customers, CloudOn has helped people create, review and edit over 85 million documents, and log more than 8 million mobile productivity hours.

Media Contact:
Suzanne Pallo
Director of Marketing at CloudOn