Google Chrome gets support for TLS/SSL in chrome.sockets API

Google has finally fixed a major flaw in their core API used by apps to connect to the internet.

The company has added support for TLS/SSL in chrome.sockets API in the newer builds of Chromium.

Googler François Beaufort said:

This means secure connections over the network between your Chrome App and servers.

I’m sure we’re going to see this brand new method being used in many Chrome Apps like CIRC and Advanced REST client.

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How to delete your Auto Backup photos from Google+ without deleting them locally on the phone?

This applies to the photos stored on your Google+ account…

The safer method is to do it on a computer. Search for #autobackup and Google+ would show you the images that are backed up from your phone.

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Delete the photos you want to delete from here and they would be gone from the web but not your phone.

If you want to delete them from your phone… You would have to manually search for #autobackup in Google Photos and then delete the images.

Disclaimer: Do test out these steps with dummy images to get comfortable with the process. finally lets you assign a logo for your blog announced today a new feature on their platform that has been long coming.

Bloggers can now assigned an image as their logo for their blogs. This feature is currently dependent upon the themes to support it.

The company said:

With this new feature, you just need to upload your logo once. Your logo will appear on any of our supported themes, regardless of how often you switch themes. Each theme has been custom-tailored to ensure your logo will look its best and display appropriately, whether on a mobile device or a large screen. In addition to offering support for over a dozen themes — from our best business-styled themes like Motif and Forefront to all-time favorites like Oxygen — we’ll continue to add support for even more themes over time (as well as new ones upon release).

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Gmail on Apple iOS gets the Drive integration

Google is rolling out the improved integration with Drive with the new Gmail app for Apple iOS devices.

Users can now save attachments directly to their Drive account. They can also now add attachments from Drive in mail composer.

Google said:

Important stuff doesn’t always happen when you’re conveniently sitting at your desk. Maybe you’re out to dinner when your boss tells you that she needs the latest project proposal ASAP, or your daughter calls you on your commute home to ask you to proofread her college essay (that’s of course due that night!). While we can’t make your life more predictable, with today’s update to the Gmail iOS app, along with earlier updates to the Gmail Android app, makes it easier to get stuff done on-the-go.

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