Google Drive homepages for Docs, Slides and Sheets launched!

Google today officially launched the homepages for their three core Drive apps Docs, Slides and Sheets today.

You can now access all your related files on these homepages for quick preview and access.

The layout is quite nice and appears to be on its way to adopt material design. Google said:

And don’t forget: you can quickly create something new with a click on the + button, edit Office files by installing the new Chrome extension (, and once you enable offline editing, everything on your home screen is editable even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

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Uber for Business makes it a solid car service for corporations around the world!

Uber this week announced the launch of their Uber for Business platform. Companies can use this platform to allow their employees to bill their work related travel directly with their accounts department. Employees would still be able to use the service for personal travel as they can toggle between the two.

Uber said:

Uber for Business allows employees who Uber to bill their trips directly to their company. A centralized billing system helps administrators, team leads and small business owners by providing trip information in place of receipts and helps employees by connecting with the same safe, reliable Uber ride they are used to without the hassle of having to file expenses. (No more paper receipts!)
But it doesn’t stop there. We’re also launching a new partnership with Concur, the world’s leader in spend management solutions with over 20,000 business clients around the globe. This partnership will allow all 25 million Concur users to link their Uber and Concur accounts, allowing for effortless expensing. Once an employee opts in and links their accounts, Uber will automatically pass along expense-ready travel information, including an e-receipt. Uber, Concur and American Express are also proud to announce that later this year corporations will be able to “turn on” this effortless expensing across their entire organization.

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Google Chrome gets support for TLS/SSL in chrome.sockets API

Google has finally fixed a major flaw in their core API used by apps to connect to the internet.

The company has added support for TLS/SSL in chrome.sockets API in the newer builds of Chromium.

Googler François Beaufort said:

This means secure connections over the network between your Chrome App and servers.

I’m sure we’re going to see this brand new method being used in many Chrome Apps like CIRC and Advanced REST client.

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How to delete your Auto Backup photos from Google+ without deleting them locally on the phone?

This applies to the photos stored on your Google+ account…

The safer method is to do it on a computer. Search for #autobackup and Google+ would show you the images that are backed up from your phone.

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Delete the photos you want to delete from here and they would be gone from the web but not your phone.

If you want to delete them from your phone… You would have to manually search for #autobackup in Google Photos and then delete the images.

Disclaimer: Do test out these steps with dummy images to get comfortable with the process.