boAt forays into a new product category – Indestructible cables

~Apple Certified MFI Cable, USB cables and Aux Audio Cables~

boAt forays into a new product category with the launch of Indestructible cables in India. boAt showcases a blend of strong fashion and technology sensibility that interact with today’s lifestyle. The cables are made up of spaceship grade aluminium casing which ensures long-lasting durability and reliable charging. The metal braided heavy-duty cable skin is stress and stretch resistant and protects against day-to-day wear and tear. All cables come with 2 year warranty.

Commenting on the launch of a new category, Mr. Aman Gupta, Director, Imagine Marketing said, “Biggest problem with the normal mobile cables is that they break too often. The boAt Lightning Cable features our special metal braided Jacket. This unique indestructible jacket provides greater protection than anything else you have seen for consumer cables. With its features, I can bet that this would be the only cable you’ll ever buy”

The Power Cable line up from boAt includes:

  1. Product – boAt Lightening Cable

The boAt Indestructible Metallic Lightning takes the Lightning cable to a whole new level of design and quality. a 2 year warranty on this boAt Lightning cable. Match your boAt Cable with your iPhone. Its spaceship grade aluminium casing ensures durability and tangle-free cord design prevents tangling of the cable. Compatible with any Apple device with Lightning Connector

Key Features

· Indestructible Cable

· Tangle Free

· Aluminium Finish

· iPhone/iPad Matching Connectors

· Apple Certified MFI Cable

· 2 Year Warranty

Price: Rs. 1,499

Available in colors: Space Grey, Silver

  1. Product – boAt Metallic AUX Audio Cable

The boAt indestructible Audio Cable features only the best materials to ensure this would be the only Audio cable you’ll ever buy. The boAt AUXS500-1.5 AUX Audio cable features 3.5mm male Gold Plated connectors on both ends. 24K Gold plated plugs are for reliable, static-free performance. These connectors features polished metal molding and are corrosion-resistant to ensure smooth, corrosion-free connections and ultimate sound quality. This cable is dual shielded to prevent EMI or RFI interference from entering the audio system. And this lossless cable ensures supreme sound stability and is compatible with the devices that has 3.5mm input/output mini-jack. This boAt Aux/ 3.5MM male to 3.5MM male cable of 1.5 meter or 4.9 Feet cable is Compatible with all Smart-phones, laptops, Audio Devices, Speakers, Computers and tablets. It can be used for Car Stereo for Audio from mobiles as well as with Audio Jacks of Bluetooth Speakers or Televisions. It also comes with a 2 year warranty on this boAt Audio cable. It is also ROHS/Reach Certified.

Key Features

· Indestructible Cable

· Audiophile Clarity

· Gold Plated and Corrosion-Resistant

· Tangle Free

· Wide Compatibility

· 2 Year Warranty

Price: Rs. 299

Available in color: Silver

  1. Product – boAt Sync & Charge Micro USB Cable

The boAt USBS500-1.5 Sync & Charge Micro USB Cable never lets your devices with low battery. It features micro-USB to USB interface, tangle-free cord design and much more to give your effortless and convenient charging and syncing experience.

The boAt USBS500-1.5 Sync & Charge Micro USB Cable features a compact and lightweight design which lets you carry it anywhere you need with ease and its tangle free cord design also prevents tangling and enables easy storage. You can plug it and get your devices charged super fast. This Sync & Charge Cable allows you to charge or sync your Android Phone, Tablets, Bluetooth headset and more offers fast and efficient charging and syncing of mobiles and tablets and the spaceship grade aluminium casing ensures durability.

Key Features

· Indestructible Cable

· High-speed Charging

· Spaceship Grade Aluminium Casing

· Tangle-free Cord Design

· Stress and Stretch Resistant

· Cable length of 1.5m

· FCC and CE Certified

Price: Rs. 399

Available in Color: Silver

Vodafone Invests Rs. 1050 Crores To Strengthen Its Network Presence In Maharashtra And Goa

Ramps up network coverage by activating more than 3000 new 3G and 2G sites during FY14-15
Adds 19 lakhs + subscribers in last 12 months, to build a subscriber base of 17.5 million in Maharashtra and Goa
Data Users at 6.5 mn+, Data contributes to 18 % of Total Service Revenues

Following a ‘Customer First’ approach, Vodafone India has invested over INR 1050 crores on ramping up network and distribution and retail presence in Maharashtra and Goa circle over the past 12 months (April 2014-March 2015). Being one of the preferred mobile services providers in terms of Subscriber base, Revenue Market Share and Retail touch points; Vodafone has been focusing on closer engagement and enhancing customer experience in an endeavour to be future ready.

Pursuing an accelerated growth strategy since April 2014, Vodafone has expanded its network footprint by adding over 3000 new 3G and 2G sites across Maharashtra in the last financial year. During this period, Vodafone has increased its exclusive retail footprint by rolling out 17 Vodafone Stores and 200 Vodafone Mini Stores.

With this ramp up, Vodafone has further strengthen edits position in Maharashtra and Goa across relevant industry parameters – network coverage, subscriber base, retail footprint and revenue market share (RMS).

Ashish Chandra, Business Head – Maharashtra and Goa, Vodafone India, said, “Gaining the trust of our customers and winning the distinction of being one of the most preferred mobile services provider in Maharashtra and Goa circle is not incidental. We have won the hearts of our customers by pursuing a continued and consistent customer centric strategy to bring the best connectivity solutions to our valued customers. It is their trust and support that has enabled us to further strengthen our position in Maharashtra and Goa across key parameters – Network, Subscriber base, Retail footprint and Revenue Market Share. We remain committed to continue investing in bringing the best in class, innovative, relevant products and services to win customer delight in the years to come.”

Having set up one of the largest networks in the circle, Vodafone now has 5000+ 3G sites in Maharashtra and Goa. Specifically to spread awareness and increase adoption of mobile internet, Vodafone has been hand holding customers through on ground engagement and education initiatives. 3G has shown tremendous uptake and has been growing at 100 % YoY. Overall Data contribution to circle service revenues is 18 %.

With already one of the country’s largest exclusive retail footprint, Vodafone has continued to expand its reach to cover various parts of Maharashtra and Goa. Presently, Vodafone has more than 900 retail outlets (largest and exclusive) in Maharashtra and Goa. Over the past 12 months, Vodafone has launched 22 Global Design Stores in Maharashtra and Goa, as part of an initiative to offer an unmatched retail experience to its new age customers. Whether it is Paddington in London or Pune in Maharashtra, Vodafone Global Design Stores offer a uniform customer experience.

Over and above its retail presence, Vodafone also offers customers an opportunity to connect with the brand through a robust customer service call centre platform, the simple and convenient My Vodafone mobile app and Vodafone Web Chat.

Besides multiple on-going schemes and customised tariff plans, some of the more notable introductions from Vodafone have been the launch of M-Pesa, a mobile banking and payment solution that has seen high affinity amongst migrant population in the city and Vodafone Angel Stores entirely staffed and run by women employees.

With a pan India distribution network of close to 90,000 agents and with more than 3 mn customers, M-Pesa is the largest banking business correspondent in the country. Vodafone M-Pesa was launched in October 2013 in Maharashtra and Goa and currently has 7115 + agents in Maharashtra and Goa, and a customer base of over 2.96 lakhs.

GTArcade Announces New Revolutionary Browser Game Magerealm!

GTArcade is excited to announce the release of a new browser game Magerealm! The top game developer and publisher of 2014 is incredibly proud to bring players its first ever 3-D browser game: Magerealm! Independently designed and produced, with four character classes, and many heroes and angels at your disposal to diversify your experience, Magerealm is an incredible fantasy ARPG that will blow you away. The game perfectly combines great role playing with intense action by creating a mystical world full of adventure and peril, while not leaving out the fundamentals of any RPG games: highly customizable characters, skills, and much more! The world of Magerealm is full of infinite possibilities that allows players to write their own legacy exactly as they wish. Magerealm closed beta will begin on June 4th for all players.

This is Magerealm!
As an elite Mage sent by the Council of Magic to look for the 7 legendary relics to save the world and defeat the evil Lord of Demons, players are drawn into an epic war for the control of ancient relics. Along the way, you will discover secrets, encounter enemies and find allies when you least expect it. Long story short, Magerealm will enthrall you with its characters, graphics, plot and much more.

Choice and Complexity!
In the world of Magerealm there are countless ways to increase your strength so that you can face any challenge along your journey. Runes, angels and heroes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the infinite possibilities that Magerealm provides for players. What your team looks like, who you want fighting by your side through thick and thin and ultimately, what legend you become is all up to you.

The Teaser Site
At GTArcade we know that no matter how much we say about our games, players want a first hand look at the game and its potential themselves. That is why we have launched a Teaser Site for you guys at On this site, you can get a first look at two of our classes: The Spellmaster and The Realmguard. You also get a look at some special items available for closed beta players as well as some look of our monsters and dungeons. We are really excited about the prospect of this game and so should you! Help us get the word out by sharing our site on Facebook and Twitter; tell your friends about us and we hope to see you soon in Magerealm! Are you looking forward to the Closed Beta as much as we are?

AccelStor Debuting All-Flash Arrays with 1M+ IOPS at Computex 2015

High IOPS all-flash arrays to be displayed along with upcoming hybrid storage arrays

Flash storage startup AccelStor, Inc. is coming out of stealth mode and debuting its line of all-flash and hybrid storage arrays at Computex Taipei 2015. From June 2nd to 6th, AccelStor will display its high-performance NeoSapphire™ all-flash arrays with over 1 million IOPS sustained I/O performance. Live demos will show the benefit of AccelStor’s FlexiRemap™ technology for accelerating I/O-intensive applications. In addition to its current products, AccelStor’s Computex exhibition will also give a sneak peek into its upcoming lineup for the second half of 2015 including its NeoGarnet™ hybrid storage arrays.

AccelStor’s products and technology will be on display at the AccelStor Booth at L1427 Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F as well as at booth M1213a on the same floor.

All-Flash Performance
AccelStor will show its all-flash array products including its flagship 2U rack-mount NeoSapphire™ 3513 with 1M+ IOPS for sustained random I/O performance and its compact 1U rack-mount NeoSapphire™ 3411 with 11 TB capacity. AccelStor’s all-flash appliances resolve the performance bottleneck for I/O-intensive VDI, HPC, enterprise databases, video-processing applications, and more.

Affordable IOPS
FlexiRemap™ technology adopts the software-defined flash approach with flash-collaborative architecture to provide high IOPS performance using COTS server hardware. For end users, this means affordable IOPS is a reality. NeoSapphire™ 3201 and 3301 1U all-flash storage appliances provide cost-effective high IOPS for small and medium-sized businesses handling enterprise workloads.

Enterprise Storage
NeoSapphire™ features front-facing hot-swappable drives with automatic data reconstruction upon SSD replacement, and proactive SSD health monitoring and fault tolerance. Data integrity is ensured through redundancy.

FlexiRemap™ Technology Demo
The speed and scalability of FlexiRemap™ software-defined flash technology will be displayed in a live performance demo showing the 1M+ IOPS capability of the NeoSapphire™ 3513 as well as a custom-built 30 TB high capacity all-flash array.

Upcoming Products
AccelStor will give a sneak peek of its upcoming NeoGarnet™ hybrid storage appliances which will come in the second half of 2015. Combining the speed of solid-state drives and size of hard disks, AccelStor’s NeoGarnet™ series hybrid flash array fulfills the need for both performance and capacity in cloud-computing and enterprise applications. With configurable caching and tiering functionality, NeoGarnet™ accelerates backend data access in enterprises and data centers.

Digital Consumption at an Astounding High amongst Child Users in India: Nischint

  • 33 Lakh objectionable sites blocked on child devices by Nischint

  • 16 Lakh GPS Fences Set By Parents To Monitor Kids’ Locations

Nischint, one of the leading parental guidance and child monitoring companies in India, has released interesting data to gauge the extent of digital consumption amongst kids in India. The figures revealed fascinating data regarding mobile usage amongst children between 5 to 17 years of age.

According to data sourced from 14000 family devices (7000 parent devices and 7000 child devices), kids converse with as many as 45 people by making calls each day, which lasts for about 0.32 seconds on an average. The number of SMS messages sent from a child device is an astonishing 18 whereas each kid receives about 20 promo messages per day. These figures throw light on an eye-opening trend that digitally savvy kids are susceptible to a plethora of cyber-attacks and it is imperative for parents to ensure an enjoyable yet secure digital experience for their children.

The data trends were observed for a period of 90 days from February to April 2015, and revealed some intriguing findings. The highlights of the study are mentioned below:

· Peak Hours when kids make calls on their devices: 7 to 8PM

· Peak hours of application usage: 5 to 8 PM

· Average no. of images taken per child device each day: 5

· Average no. of videos taken per child device each day: 1.5

· Average time spent per hour by a child on the internet: 40s to 1 min

· Average hours spent by kids on social media sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube: 3.4 Minutes

· Most used sites on the internet:,,,

· Most popular apps downloaded: Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, NDTV, FIfa 15, Candy crush, Learn to draw Lego Ninjago, GTA

· Examples of a few out of 33 Lakh sites blocked by Nischint on child devices:,,

Raghav Mimani, CEO and Co-founder at Nischint commented on the need for digital security and said, “The digital explosion in India and around the world is extremely exciting and kids and adults alike want to be part of this phenomenon. It is a great way to share knowledge and connect with different peers across the world. However, kids often fail to recognize and screen out hazards that the digital world poses. This has been reflected in the data we have procured for assessing digital consumption amongst kids.”

He further added, “At Nischint, we are a firm believer in propagating the benefits of digital collaboration but we also stand by the need for parents to provide the digital aids by securing the devices they possess.”
Nischint has constantly endeavoured to provide a secure solution for parents to monitor their kids’ activities and protect them from cyber-crimes. The app has received more than 20,000 downloads, out of which 4000 users access the app on a daily basis and 7000 users access Nischint every two days and ~ 10,000 users access this data atleast once a week. Most of Nischint’s traffic comes from the Delhi NCR region and is followed by Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.

Nischint has engaged with telecom operators around the world and is now in the process of integrating its award winning solutions for telecom operators in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.
It also envisions working with schools in India and catalysing the safe use of tablets in classrooms.

nexGTv bags exclusive digital rights for French Open 2015

Action-packed entertainment continues for sports lovers during May-June

nexGTv, India’s preferred entertainment destination on the mobile, from Digivive Services, has bagged exclusive mobile and digital rights to telecast the 114th edition of French Open 2015.
From 24th May to until 07th June, Tennis lovers from all over the country will get to witness every shot, serve, volley and game on their mobile handsets. Viewers with PCs / Laptops and tablets can also experience French Open 2015 live and seamless on their digital devices via the single sign-on facility offered by nexGTv.

Elaborating on the development, Mr. G. D. Singh, Director and CEO, Digivive said, “At nexGTv, our every effort is always to keep our viewers entertained. We are delighted to bring French Open Live for every tennis-enthusiast in the country. Affinity for Tennis, much like certain other sports, has been rapidly rising and like cricket, competition in tennis is intense, action is fast-paced and edgy and the sport requires all-round fitness. We are confident that viewers will appreciate experiencing the real-time, on-ground action on their mobile devices and cheer their respective stars to victory”.

As one of the world’s four coveted Grand Slam tournaments around the world, French Open’s red clay differentiates it from all others in its league. Owing to its characteristically unique surface, and five set men’s singles matches without a tiebreak in the final set, it is also called one of the most demanding tennis tournaments.

For devotees of the tournament, the entire Championship comprising 128 Singles matches and 64 Doubles matches would be available on nexGTv. Viewers can download the nexGTv app, available across all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and Tizen from the respective App stores, free of cost, to watch defending champions Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova sweat it out for the ultimate prize money of USD 34.5 million.

UST Global’s iSafe for police force wins award for ‘Best Use of Mobile Technology’ at Elets Knowledge Exchange Awards 2015

iSafe, the safety feature of the Thiruvananthapuram City Police mobile app, provides users with real-time police assistance during emergencies with the click of a button

UST Global, a leading digital technology services company that provides powerful solutions for Global 1000 companies, today announced that iSafe, the safety feature of the Thiruvananthapuram City Police mobile app, won the award for Best Use of Mobile Technology at the Elets Knowledge Exchange Awards 2015, Goa. iSafe was conferred the award in the Governance category at the ceremony co-hosted by Elets Technomedia and the Information Technology Department, Government of Goa.

iSafe was recognized for improving overall police governance and public safety by empowering citizens using digital technology. Developed for UST Global’s Thiruvananthapuram City Police mobile app, the safety feature enables citizens to maintain direct contact with police personnel during emergencies. With the push of a button on the mobile phone, users benefit from real-time police assistance while in danger or in a situation that requires immediate assistance. Once the police receive the alert, along with information on the location, the subscriber ID, and the mobile IMEI number, they dispatch help via the nearest police control room vehicle. iSafe is being used by thousands of users in Thiruvananthapuram, including women and senior citizens.

Sajan Pillai Chief Executive Officer, UST Global said, “We are honored to receive recognition for the Thiruvananthapuram City Police app. It reinforces our efforts to transform three billion lives around the world through digital technology, over the next 3-5 years. Increased mobility, improved Internet connectivity and the focus of the Indian government on digitization will further grow the pace of e-governance. With our deep domain knowledge and expertise in new-generation technologies such as SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud), we see tremendous opportunity for UST Global to lead transformation projects for the public sector. We recently signed up with the Madhya Pradesh government for digitizing over 300 urban local bodies.”

Shri H Venkatesh IPS, DIG & Commissioner of Police, Thiruvananthapuram City said, “We are encouraged by the interest that the mobile app, especially iSafe, has garnered from the public. It has helped us considerably reduce our response time to emergencies and establish a stronger communication channel between the citizens and the police department.”

Alexander Varghese, Chief Administrative Officer & Country Head, UST Global said, “We are thrilled to have won the award for iSafe within just three months its launch. I congratulate Thiruvananthapuram City Police for their vision to collaborate with citizens to make the city safer.”

Nikki Arora, Chief Marketing Officer, UST Global said, “iSafe has been created using our ‘design for happiness’ approach. This mobile app is yet another example of our commitment to transforming lives”

Smt. Mridula Sinha, Governor of Goa handed over the award to Manoj M Mani, Head – PR, Marketing & Communications – India, UST Global at an award function during the Elets Knowledge Exchange-Goa 2015 Summit. The event serves as a platform for knowledge exchange between key stakeholders who are active in the fields of Governance, Urban Development with a special focus on Smart Cities, Education, Health and BFSI.