Goldgenie mark the Chinese New Year with limited edition Year of the Goat 24K Gold iPhone 6

To celebrate the approach of the new year of the Goat, Goldgenie have launched a special limited edition “Year of the Goat” 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite, which features a hand-painted Chinese goat symbol to be laser engraved onto the surface of the phone. A limit of 99 “Year of the Goat” iPhones will be produced and each phone will be laser stamped with its number in the series, making each device unique and a great gift or collector’s item. The phone is presented in a luxury cherry oak display box and comes with a lifetime guarantee on is 24K Gold customization and the device itself.

The Chinese New Year takes place on 19th February, which will herald the Year of the Goat. The Goat is a kind gentle animal that functions best in a group and its energy is thought to bring much needed peace and harmony to the world. People will come together in love and friendship and healing energy will help to diffuse any disharmony between family members and political rifts.

The “Year of the Goat” Limited edition iPhone 6 model is a beautiful addition to Goldgenie’s previously released Limited Chinese “Lucky 8” iPhone 6 Elite, which is laser engraved with the Chinese symbol for eight. The number 8 has a longstanding association with wealth and balance in Chinese culture and this version of the 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite has seen high demand since its release in October 2014.

Goldgenie are well known for their range of customised modern technology and lifestyle products, including their signature 24K Gold iPhone Elite models. The company pioneered the art of Gold-plating a smartphone and they know from experience that when they launch a new limited edition model, demand for their luxury customised designs can outstrip supply.

Since gaining investment and support from BBC Dragons Den’s James Caan in 2007, Goldgenie have grown their international presence and recognition for quality. Due to their pioneering presence in the luxury market and longstanding trusted reputation, Goldgenie count blue chip corporations, such as Blackberry, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce and celebrities including Elton John, the Beckhams, Roman Abramovich and P. Diddy as loyal clients.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ are currently available to order in the 16GB, 64GB or 128GB models through Goldgenie’s website. Alongside the Year of the Goat and Lucky 8 editions, the devices are currently available in Goldgenie’s 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum Elite and Swarovski crystal logo, Brilliance and Supernova versions.

Full of technological advancements, including faster processing speeds, longer battery life, improved camera and 1080p HD video shooting capacity, Apple’s new release has made a great leap forward from its predecessors. Thinner and glossier than ever, not only is the iPhone 6 beautiful to look at, it is sure to capture your world, your thoughts and your plans more beautifully and seamlessly than ever. And the craftsmen at Goldgenie feel most people would agree that these are worth preserving in Gold and stamped with a meaningful symbol.

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Schneider Electric demonstrates the power of ‘Smart Energy’ solutions at Intelect 2015

Schneider Electric India, the global specialist in energy management, showcased its innovative and diverse range of smart energy solutions at Intelect 2015 organized by IEEE in Mumbai. The theme of the event was smart electricity and Schneider Electric, being one of the foremost solutions providers, exhibited solutions which can save up to 30% energy, thereby reducing capital costs significantly.

The platform allowed Schneider Electric to provide a virtual, graphic-facilitated demonstration of how smart electricity integrates different aspects of a smart city. The needs of interconnectivity and sophistication, which are essential for the establishment and functioning of smart cities, have made integrated networks more complex with far more open access. Schneider Electric showcased how it’s smart and adaptive solutions help manage the challenges thrown open by the complexity of networks.

Top officials across different business units from Schneider Electric were also present at the exhibition and shared their views on how smart solutions will play a major role in the whole digital revolution that has gripped India today. Mr. Prakash Chandraker, Vice President, Energy BU, Schneider Electric India and Mr. Charbel Aoun, Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric delivered keynote address on the topic of smart cities.
Speaking at the event Mr. Anil Chaudhry, Country President and Managing Director, Schneider Electric India said, “The year 2015 is expected to be a turnaround year for the Indian power sector as the centre aims to meet its goal of providing uninterrupted electricity supply to all households and smart solutions will play a major role in achieving energy efficiency and sustainability. The Government has set the ball rolling with a plethora of announcements that are set to revive the power sector in 2015 and Schneider Electric whole-heartedly supports the favourable and progressive announcements by the government.”

Smart Energy will define the future of real estate and the definition of quality living. Commercial and residential buildings account for up to 40% of energy use in most countries. Using energy efficiency measures and focussing on sustainable practices building owners and operators who invest in green building strategies will reduce the impact of climate change, preserve the quality of human life, improve business performance, and meet governmental regulations.

In sync with this view, Schneider Electric displayed the virtues and facilities of its Smart solutions across Energy, Power, Buildings and Solar business. The expertise in Smart City space was showcased by offering a first-hand experience of simulated environments that deploy solutions across smart energy, smart mobility, smart water, smart public services and smart integration, highlighting Schneider Electric as the provider for integrated Smart City solutions. From the Buildings side, SmartStruxure and SmartStruxure Lite which help both mid to large size and small buildings achieve maximum efficiency were displayed. Smart LV Panels, Smart Meters and Smart Energy Management Systems demonstrated and showcased how these solutions are connected to the internet and cloud-based applications via Ethernet to create a seamless integration for managing smart power infrastructure. The expertise in renewable sector was showcased through the display of inverters for commercial buildings and power plants. Partners with TripAdvisor to Help Explore Travel Opportunities in 150 Countries announced today a partnership with TripAdvisor to integrate TripAdvisor reviews and ratings across the website.

“TripAdvisor is one of the most trusted travel brands in the world and our members are already using their content to plan every aspect of their travels. This partnership will provide additional value to members and will make the planning process even more seamless –members can now access useful TripAdvisor ratings and reviews without even having to leave our site,” says Chief Operating Officer Jim Pickell.

Whether browsing the newly launched “Collections”, or getting inquiries from any part of the world, members will be able to learn more about destinations before making a decision. Now information and reviews on restaurants, local farmers markets, entertainment, kid-friendly attractions, parks, and activities such as biking or hiking will be accessible within a click.

“The community is based on sharing,” says Pickell, “our members reveal their favorite things to do and places to eat to their exchange partners, creating an authentic “live like a local” experience. Our collaboration with TripAdvisor will exponentially increase the opportunities for our members to make informed decisions and find new destinations.”

TripAdvisor content is now available on in 15 languages both on desktop and mobile.

LibreOffice Viewer (Beta) now available for Android

The Document Foundation (TDF) is happy to see the LibreOffice Viewer (Beta) for Android released in the Google Play Store, allowing mobile users to access Open Document Format (ODF) files from devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The application, created by Collabora, is available from the following link:

The first release of LibreOffice Viewer handles text documents and basic presentations. Support for spreadsheets have been included in an early form, while support for more complex presentations is planned for a future release. Users are invited to download and test the application, although care is advised for production environments.

“Support for Android is the result of cooperation between organizations as well as individual contributors,” said Michael Meeks, VP of Productivity at Collabora, “LibreOffice’s open ecosystem has again proved its ability to bring diverse groups together to produce great software without restrictions”.

The mobile app fulfils the wishes of many users who access ODF files on the go, and is also able to read proprietary document formats from other suites including Microsoft Office.

“This release is the first of a new series of mobile applications,” said Björn Michaelsen, a Director of The Document Foundation. “Individuals, companies and organizations are encouraged to participate in the open development process by joining the LibreOffice community.”

The LibreOffice Viewer (Beta) has been created by Collabora with the support of SMOOSE. It is built on foundational work by the LibreOffice community, SUSE, and the Mozilla Corporation, with additional development by Jacobo Aragunde of Igalia, and Andrzej Hunt and Ian Billet as part of Google Summer of Code.

LibreOffice users, free software advocates and community members can support The Document Foundation with a donation at