Google developers have apparently started working on incorporating SlickLogin technologies into their Chrome OS platform. A new option has appeared in the newer builds of Chrome OS Dev Channel that talks about Easy Unlock functionality. The idea is to connect your phone and Chromebook in a manner that the Chromebook unlocks automatically when it notices […]

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Protect your eyes. Perfect your experience with ViewSonic Flicker-Free Technology Computer related eye strain has become a common workplace complaint. In addition to causing eye strain which can lead to squinting, dry eyes, and general discomfort, prolonged periods of staring at a monitor can lead to other physical stresses as well. But with the better […]

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The global Fashion &lifestyle brand American Swan in association with Famebox has launched a first-of-its-kind, digitally-driven online reality show Beauty &the Blogger. The show has been conceptualized as a unique format and a platform where style &glamour join hands with social media. The event is an extension of American Swan’s brand ethos, which resonates with […]

Google has updated their Calendar app for the Android devices. The update integrates Google Maps powered location database in the location field in events. Google would basically suggest nearby places when you type in a location for an event. Google said: Since December, you’ve been able to create events faster with Google Maps autocomplete on […]

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Automattic this week released their first transparency report with details on requests made for data connected to blogging platform. The company said in a note: For the second half of 2013, approximately 0.0001% of the 48 million sites that we host were subject to a government information request. Our policy is to notify you […]

Loom announced today that they are being acquired by Dropbox. Their users however are quite safe as Loom would handle the transfer of all data to Dropbox servers if the user is happy with the transition. Dropbox would offer same storage space as Loom on their own platform. Paid customers would also get the same […]

Yahoo missed a massive opportunity with Flickr. They had the best photo sharing experience on the web before the smartphones market exploded. Apps like Instagram and Facebook took over the social component of photo sharing on mobile devices resulting in Flickr losing its sheen. The company has been trying to lure back users to Flickr […]