200,000 hours of free internet for Opera Mini users on Idea network

Idea Cellular is giving away 200,000 hours of free internet access, over the next 20 days, to its users through the web pass service on Opera Mini. For users who have never experienced the internet from their mobiles before, this is the easiest way to shed inhibitions and get online.

Idea Web Pass is a unique Opera solution that allows consumers to buy customized data packs within the Opera Mini browser itself. It’s great for those people who have short-term data requirements and don’t wish to pay for a full time internet plan. In India, web passes are currently available only on the Idea network, starting at just Re 1 for hourly internet access/ daily Facebook access and go up to Re 30 for a week’s internet access. With a Sponsored Web Pass, users pay only one paise for acquiring the web pass, and the rest is taken care of by the sponsor, in this case Idea.

To enjoy free internet, Opera Mini users simply have to go to the Speed Dial page in Opera Mini and click on ‘Idea Web Pass’. From here, they can select ‘Free Internet Trial Pass (3 MB)’ from the list of web passes. Users can avail one web pass each during this campaign, which entitles them to one hour of free internet, upto 3 MB, during that day.

The 200,000 hours of free internet are available for the next 20 days. On each day, the Free Internet Trial Pass can be availed by 10,000 users on a first-come, first-served basis.

Idea subscribers who don’t already have Opera Mini on their phones can visit m.opera.com and download Opera Mini absolutely free. Opera Mini works on almost all kinds of phones, from basic Java phones to the latest Android and iOS smartphones. Opera Mini’s unique compression technology shrinks a webpage to almost as little as 10% of it’s original size. So when it comes to viewing webpages, Opera Mini users can browse a lot more of them within a set data limit as compared to other mobile browsers.

For more information contact:
Mrunmaiy Abroal | +91 9819812011 | mrunmaiy.abroal@opera.com
Karan Bhujbal | +91 9818092091 | karan.bhujbal@2020msl.com

500px collaborates with Lytro to support Living Pictures on their platform

500px collaborates with Lytro to support Living Pictures on their platform

500px has just become the first social platform to offer support for Lytro Living Pictures format.

Owners of Lytro cameras can now upload their pictures directly on 500px and they would be rendered using the official embed client.

Lytro would be highlighting the best photos submitted to the service. 500px said:

Hey everyone! A couple weeks ago, we told you about the awesome deal on the new LYTRO ILLUM camera, exclusive to 500px members. Now, we are so excited to announce that for the first time ever, you will be able to experience the amazing Living Pictures within the 500px community for yourself! For starters, check out Lytro’s new page on 500px. Here, we’ll be aggregating the best Living Pictures taken with the new LYTRO ILLUM. Lytro will be choosing their favorite Living Pictures found on 500px and featuring them on their new page. Could yours be up there?

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Looks like Google Hangouts is finally plugin free for all users!

Google Hangouts has required a browser plugin for video and voice calling. This changed recently when Google added native support in Chrome for the users on Dev and Canary builds.

The updates appear to have made it to all the branches of Chrome as the company indicated that Google Apps users would no longer need the plugin from this week. Google said:

A few weeks ago we announced automatic support for Hangouts video calls in Chrome without the need for the Hangouts video plugin. Starting tomorrow, we are happy to announce that we are rolling this out to all Google Apps users. Following this update, when users try to start a video call for the first time, they’ll see a message underneath the address bar asking for permission to access their computer’s mic and camera. If they want to change their choice later, they can change it from the address bar in Chrome.

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Google launches The Little Box Challenge to invent a smaller power inverter

Google announced a brand new challenge for the inventers out there. The company wants you to create a smaller power inverter that can be used to power our homes, business and even cars in the future.

The company said that the aim is to have a capable inverter in a size that is comparable to a mini laptop. Currently these devices are quite big and consume a lot of space.

Google is offering a prize money of USD 1 million through this challenge.

The company added:

One promising set of new technologies which may allow for the achievement of higher power densities are wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors, such as Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC). Below are a list of WBG device manufacturers who have made pages describing their technology, how it might enable contestants to win the competition and opportunities for obtaining some of their devices.

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Vuze Leap is a torrent client for newbies

Vuze has one of the most powerful BitTorrent client in the market today. This also makes it kind of hard to understand for users new to torrenting. The company does not want to lose this market to competition so they have released a brand new torrent client for such users. They have named it Leap.

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Vuze Leap is essentially a basic torrent app that provides the basic functionality of downloading torrent files from the web. There are three core views in the app: find, download and play. It cannot get any simpler than this!

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Skype would be available for Amazon Fire Phone at launch

Microsoft announced today that they have worked with Amazon to ensure that Skype app would be available for the upcoming Fire Phone device later this month at launch.

The company has modify the app to support the custom features of the Amazon platform. Microsoft said:

We have enhanced our Skype for Android application to bring a more intuitive user experience that is consistent with the Fire phone look and feel. Through a widget that is visible from Fire’s Carousel, users can easily see their chats and notifications at a glance, without having to launch the Skype app and open chats with a one-click action. Finally, the customized Skype 3D icon and notification badge show Skype’s use of Fire phone’s innovative Dynamic Perspective technology.

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Google now allow filtering on read only spreadsheets plus linking to specific area of the sheet!

Google has rolled out some useful updates on their spreadsheets platform. Google Sheets for example would now let you create temporary filters to sort out sheets that you only have access to view. You can also change the range that’s used for a filter to avoid going through the whole process again.

In addition, users can also now share a link to a specific section of the spreadsheet. This is going to come handy for larger spreadsheets. Google said:

Ever need to filter or sort data on a spreadsheet that you can’t edit? For example, maybe you’re looking at sales data on a team-wide spreadsheet that only one owner can edit, but you only want to see items that you’re responsible for. Now you can by creating a “temporary filter view” from the toolbar or Data menu in the new Google Sheets (www.google.com/sheets).

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