Quip Spreadsheets gets a bunch of small but useful enhancements to boost productivity

Quip has rolled out some small but useful updates on their Spreadsheets platform. These should help their users bridge the functionality gap with other office productivity suites.

Freeze rows to easily reference column headers as you scroll
Visualize patterns and trends in your data with conditional formatting
Make your embedded spreadsheets prettier with “table mode”
Work faster with new keyboard shortcuts
@-mention people and documents in spreadsheet cells
Insert images into cells
Choose between new cut and paste options when you move data between spreadsheets

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UST Global launches women’s safety app, iSafe, ahead of International Women’s Day

A step forward in its agenda of transforming communities and empowering women through technology

UST Global, an information technology and services company for Global 1000 enterprises, today announced the launch of its mobile-based app for women’s safety, ahead of the International Women’s Day on 8th March. The company is focused on empowering women across the global communities through jobs, technology and training.

Alexander Varghese, Chief Administrative Officer & Country Head, UST Global said, “We believe that innovation and technology can go a long way in bringing sustainable transformations to communities. Our Code for Humanity initiative is aligned to creating an environment that encourages use of technology by citizens to improve their overall living conditions and access to primary public services. As we continue to innovatively disrupt this ecosystem, UST Global takes pride to gift women in our country the new, safety-feature app that would make their travel in the city safer and easier.”

Nikki Arora, Chief Marketing Officer, UST Global said, “UST Global believes in diversity and equality at workplace. I have personal respect for professional women who seamlessly juggle multiple responsibilities to achieve personal and professional excellence. Their courage and spirits are commendable. On International Women’s Day, we take this opportunity to thank our women employees for their commitment and going the extra mile to ensure UST Global’s continued growth on all fronts. It is also heartening to see our women employees drive different empowerment programs​ to help unrepresented women in our community to realize their full potentials.”

“I take pride to share that UST Global iSafe app enables and empowers the girls, women and elderly in our community, keeping them safe through a digital medium. It is another example of UST Global’s commitment to transforming lives through innovation that is designed for happiness and to nurture peace” she added.

To start with, the app— iSafe—has been rolled out for the Thiruvananthapuram City Police. iSafe will be an integral part of the earlier app that UST Global had developed for Thiruvananthapuram City Police a few months ago. The app is currently available for Android phones and will soon be available on other platforms. UST Global will be providing the solution to other state police forces as well.

Through the app, women will be able to send instant alerts to the police control room by using the Panic Button or just by the long press of volume rocker (down) key of their mobile phones. The police control room receives the alert along with information of the location, the subscriber ID and the IMEI number of the mobile. The police then immediately dispatches help via the police CRV (Control Room Vehicle) that is nearest to the distress location. Once iSafe sends an alert to the control room, its position can be tracked until the situation is resolved. The position is visible to the police at the control room and also on tablets that the police force carries.

The launch was done jointly with the Thiruvananthapuram City Police in the presence of high ranking police and other government officials at the Govt. College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram. This app is available for download now and will be activated by 10th Mar 2015.

Google Drive on Android now offer drag and drop for file management

Google is rolling out a major update of Drive app for Android devices. The updated version comes with an improved PDF Viewer in addition to design and performance improvements.

A new major feature is the ability to drag and drop support for file management. This should be helpful on a large display/resolution device.

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Gmail on Apple iOS devices get quick action buttons from notifications and more

Google today rolled out a useful update of their Gmail app for Apple iOS devices. This update adds a couple of useful new enhancements to the Gmailing experience on Apple devices.


Take quick actions on notifications
You can now decide whether you want to reply to or archive new messages straight from your lock or notifications screen. These quick actions help you stay on top of your messages without having to open the app.

Email files from other apps
It’s now easier than ever to attach photos, links, and documents directly to a Gmail message. Just select Gmail in the share menu and start attaching files directly from iPhoto, Chrome, and other apps.

Easily open attachments
Using your attachments on mobile can be a pain. With the new attachment viewer you can now open files of any kind directly into the app of your choosing.

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Google finally lets you hide birthdays of Google+ Circle members in Calendar

One of the biggest complaints of casual users of Google+ is that they are sick and tired of getting birthday alerts of folks they have added to their Google+ Circles. Not all of these folks are their friends or relatives so these birthdays just clutter their personal alerts in Google Calendar.

Until now, you had to use crude hacks to get around this problem. First there was a special calendar that you could have disabled (but that also removed birthdays of your actual friends who are in your Google Circles). And then there was the option to limiting MY CIRCLES by hand-picking important circles.

Google has finally listened to these complaints and provided a singular option to select between proper contacts and all contacts (including Google+ circle members).

You can now choose to show birthdays from just your contacts in Google Calendar…